About a Cat

Natália Castro

A Cat in Paris is the work of designer Natalie Castro.

Since my childhood I have loved creating. At the age of 9, I knitted my first sweater. It had many mistakes, many lost stiches, but it was filled with love. I made it for my first nephew, who has kept it to this very day. And although life has led me on different paths, I’ve returned to this childhood love and haven’t let it go. As a child I always loved cats. They were my companions during mischief and adventures. They kept me warm at night. I never needed a night light. My cats’ purr was enough to calm me down in the dark. Today I’ve got 7 cats, and between all the beads and fabric, they always find a place to sleep! I was born in France…Paris has always had a special place in my heart. But it was only after my husband’s proposal, that it became my most beloved place on Earth. Filled with light and love…just like myself. With all its streets and alleys…some vibrant and colourful and others dark and mysterious. Now that I’ve let you enter into my life, let me be a part of yours. Cat In Paris will give you colour, elegance and sophistication. A little bit of Paris to wear whenever you feel like it!

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