A Cat In Paris is the work of a team. It’s wonderful to share the joys with a group of people i’ve become friend with.

It all began with the name. So i called Elo if she could design me a logo. And she did. A wonderful logo from a lovely person. Then i emailed Raquel, she is the genius behind our website. So much hard work, so many hours in front of the computer, so much dedication. And if you like all our photos, say hello to Catarina. She’s a very stylish girl with a clinical eye. All shots are amazing. It’s wonderful to work with her. And my last girl is Ana. My press agent and PR expert. Already worked with the biggest clients and agencies. It’s a privilege to have her on the team.

Last but not least, with my dear husband, Gonçalo. He’s our marketing wizz, our social media guru, general advicer and “my rock”.

It’s a pleasure and an honour to work with them. Merci à tous.


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